tiny tales

I Can't Hear You !

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 journal entry: It is simply amazing how many children cannot hear single word that is spoken to them. Sometimes they cannot even hear a yell or a loud voice. They are very good at saying “what?” with a serious look or “I didn’t hear you” or “were you talking to me?”  It is at times […]

Bears Bears Bears:  Priscilla

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  journal entry: How did I keep track of things before I had a blog?  Every post is like writing a personal history. My history. My family’s history. Isn’t it wonderful? Bears for Christmas. Three little children and three different bears. Each complete with a personality and a wardrobe to match. Not only does each […]

The Little Hedgehog Finds a Friend

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(This tiny tale is a Christmas surprise. SO, DON’T YOU TELL !  Two hedgehogs are in the mail to two little granddaughters.  When they get them, they can hold them while their mommy or daddy reads this story to them. Oh, I love December !) The Little Hedgehog Finds a Friend (A Tiny Tale from […]

Tiny Things to Tuck Away

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“HATS, where do you belong? What is under you? On the rim of a skyscraper’s forehead I looked down at fifty thousand hats: Swarming with a noise of bees and sheep, cattle and waterfalls, Stopping with a silence of sea grass, a silence of prairie corn. Hats.  Tell me your high hopes. -Carl Sandburg- journal […]

A Tiny Tale:  Why and Because

“There is frequently more to be learned from the unexpected questions of a child than the discourses of men.” -John Locke- journal entry: Holden loves “why?”   If something isn’t “what” . . . it is “why?”  He sat on the little garden wagon while grandpa planted the potatoes.  He borrowed grandma’s sunglasses.  Then began a […]