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    Valentine Garland

      Some of my favorite things are so silly and small. I wonder why I love them so ? I have long loved garlands of every sort but have never tried to make the paper kind. Now I have. I am probably the last person in the world to make these cute, little things. Nevertheless, I am already thinking about Easter chicks. ” A woman’s best friends are her fingers. Keep them busy.” -Unknown-  

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    Valentine Garland From Things on Hand

    I find it easy to make little things today because of our fascination with mixing and matching color and texture and style. It seems that in art and decor . . . anything goes ! I used paper scraps and my Silhouette cutting machine to make this Valentine Garland to hang below my mantle.  Many hearts I cut by hand so that I could preserve the faces in each heart.  I cut the little hanging baskets with my cutting machine and made the handles with tiny gauge pink wire. I had the glitter clothespins from last Valentine’s Day and so I used them to attach the hearts and the banners…

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    Valentine Cottage

      Valentine’s Day.  Very fun. Used to be that children took Valentines around to their friends in the evening. They put the Valentine on the porch, rang the doorbell and hid. Sometimes boys tied strings to their Valentines and pulled them as their friends tried to pick them up. I don’t think that anyone does that anymore. Except for the Valentine Man. He was a tradition Grandpa started when our children were little. He asked for five brown paper bags, which he filled with something special for each child. He rang the doorbell five different times. One for each child. At first the kids wanted to run outside and see…

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    Valentine’s Day Skirt

      journal entry:   How about a combo skirt with panels of Victorian fabric and lots of lace and ribbon?  I love the ruffled skirts which are so popular right now. I made this skirt for Afton . . . in Valentine’s Day Colors !  It has an elastic waistband, which is hidden by a wide ribbon.  I made loops for the ribbon so that it would stay in place and a pom pom flower out of ribbon to pin onto the bow once the ribbon was tied. The little sweater was on sale at Target. It was perfect for the little skirt.  The red flower on the sweater is…

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    Valentines’ Day Cupcakes

    I drool over every, fancy cupcake book I see.  But, I know myself.  I don’t have the patience for REALLY cool cupcakes.  I make quick and easy cupcakes . . . maybe with a little twist.  Since it is nearing Valentines’ Day I decided that today was the today for the little food gifts.  I made a white cake mix according to the directions.  I filled each cupcake cup half-full of batter.  Then, I put a dab of mixed berry pie filling on top of each blob of cake batter.  I cooked them for five minutes longer than the box called for because of the filling.  When the cupcakes were…

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    Tiny Valentines’ Day Quilt

    You would think that from the way I prowl the quilting stores that I was a quilter.  I am not.  Not a real quilter.  I am a “tie-the-quilt” quilter but not without a desire to make something worth keeping.  That is why I made this little Valentines’ Day quilt.  This quilt says that I love you enough to put together 16 squares for 24 x 24 inches of beautiful fabric and to throw in a gathered ruffle.  That’s love. Four six-inch squares of four different fabrics:   red chenille, cream chenille, cream plain, white with flowers Cream fabric for the backing and ruffle Very lightweight batting Cream-colored embroidery floss { to…

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    Be My Valentine !

    My Valentines decorations are few.  But special.  Every year I re-discover this wonderful handmade Valentine angel which I bought at a boutique twenty years ago.  I don’t know who made her but whomever did was very talented.  She has a wonderful face and wooden wings.  A small heart is pinned to her dress and over it hangs a small key.  Like most of my holiday decor, I can’t always remember where things came from or how long they have lived in my home. When our children were young, The Valentine Man came.  No one ever saw him but sometime during the evening the doorbell rang.  Once the children were trained…

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    Teeny Tiny Valentines Day Pincushions

    “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, Keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” -Winnie-the-Pooh to Piglet- journal entry: Two inches.  That is as big as these little pincushions grow.  I made a pattern out of a scrap of card stock and cut the tops out of pink chenille and the backs out of various gray and black prints. I sewed a button in the middle of each and wrapped ribbon around until it came back to the center.  I added some fun pins from my pin jar and a tag attached with a pink safety pin.  I filled the pincushions with poly pellets. …