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Why I Love My Cutting Garden


journal entry:

Fresh flowers change everything. They soften things. They bring smells and colors into the house.

In the spring we moved my cutting garden to a new location where it has more sun. The growing trees had, little by little, made the perennial flowers in the cutting garden struggle to grow. Grandpa prepared a long strip of wonderful dirt along the west. Then, just as the flowers were beginning to show themselves, we moved them . . . clump by clump into the new bed.

When May came and I could trust the weather, I added brightly-colored annuals to the bed. I especially love State Fair Zinnias and Status. I planted Dahlias and Snapdragons (the tall kind) and more Bee Balm and Sweet Pea along the fence.  The Baby’s Breath transplanted well.

This bunch of fresh flowers is one of several that I have brought into the house thus far this season. Almost everything you see was moved early in the spring and has done well. If the vase I am using is tin, as this is, I drop a large Ziploc bag inside and clip it to the top with a little clothespin. Then I fill the bag with water instead of the container. That way I don’t make the tin vase rusty. I also add a drop of scented oil to the water and swish the flower stems around.

Fresh flowers from my own garden are a wonderful gift from summertime.


” I remember when many homes had roses

growing near their front porches on arbors.

That seems to be a thing of the past.”



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