Afton’s Christmas Dollhouse

“Grandchildren are the dots which connect us from generation to generation.”

-Lois Wyse-

journal entry:

Grandpa built a dollhouse for Afton.  It was a Christmas present.  She was looking out of the window when we brought it to her.  She ran out the front door with her mommy close behind.  She immediately knew it was something fun.  And she knew it was for her.  Her Grandpa carried it into Afton’s house.  It was the day before Christmas.

Grandma found the little dolls and the furniture.  She asked Afton’s mommy if they were too small.  No.  Afton likes small and she is two.  She doesn’t put things in her mouth anymore.

Grandpa knew about every piece of furniture because he had snapped them together.  Together, Grandpa and Afton put the furniture inside of the house.  It was soon apparent that the two little beds with the blankets and the two little children who fit in them were her favorites !  The usually reserved Afton ran to her Grandpa and gave him a big hug.

Afton proceeded to fix a tea party with the teeny tiny cups.  She gave one to her Grandpa and said that it was hot chocolate.  And hot.  Grandpa blew it before he drank it and Afton looked quite satisfied.  Grandpa wrote his name and the date on the bottom of the doll house so that she would remember when he made it for her.  Afton’s mommy says that she has played with her doll house all day.  Oh, good.  Merry Christmas Afton from Grandpa !

“Elephants and grandchildren never forget.”


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