Andrew: From Palm Trees to Pine Trees

When you are a kid and you live in Arizona, winter in Grandma’s backyard can be an adventure.  Especially today.  Trying to walk through the snow is only half of the battle.  Little feet keep crunching through, gloves get too wet to wear and the only solution seems to be to have daddy carry you.  That’s what Andrew thought.

He hadn’t seen the clubhouse since it was built during the summer but he had heard about it.  Grandpa’s roof had kept it quite dry except where the wind had blown snow and leaves inside.  Andrew didn’t care.  He climbed the stairs and looked around.  He sat at the little table and played with the wooden rubber-band guns.  He would have stayed all day.  If, it hadn’t been so cold.

On the sentimental side, this was my favorite Andrew photo of the day.

It speaks for itself.

“yummmmm . . . snowflakes.”

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