Angels We Have Heard



journal entry:

I took my time. Isn’t that what we tell children to do ?

My vision was a Nativity made up of Bristle Animals.

First, I had to find them.

That can be a trick.

Then, I had to bring them to life.

Bristle Animals can bend.

They are expressive.

Their little bodies can be changed to give them personality.

With patient cooperation from these little penguins, they became a Choir of Angels.




It is wonderful to know that animals are filled with instincts to help and to comfort.

Instincts given to them from above to fill the measure of their creation.

Animals often understand feelings and situations long before we do.

It is fitting to portray these kind, little creatures celebrating the birth of Jesus.




Just like little children,

these innocent penguins know exactly where to look

for their feelings of heavenly joy.

They know where to raise their voices in praise and thanksgiving.

[ One evening, I thought I heard them singing. Really. ]





Glory To God in the Highest and on Earth, Peace . . .

Good Will Towards Men.


 ( I am in awe of  beautiful Art Dolls made by patient hands)

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