This From That : Apron Smock


“Second thoughts they say are best.”


I used my old smock apron as a pattern.

It has been a most comfortable apron but is quite old.

I was certain it had only taken a yard to make it in the first place.

I cut the apron straps at the shoulder

so that I could fold it on the seam of my chosen fabric

and cut out a new apron.


 How could this be ?

I had second thoughts when I saw that it didn’t take just a yard.

It took a yard and 2/3.

Second thoughts because I was creating the apron around

the wonderful kangaroo pockets

which had been a panel of a very inexpensive, thrifted skirt.

All economy would be lost if I bought the fabric I first wanted to buy.


Then . . .  I went back to my first thoughts.

We cut the yard and 2/3 and folded the square the other way.

Not on the fold.

 The old apron fit perfectly with enough left over for pockets.

But, since I already had a pocket

that point didn’t help much, on second thought.

This is Anna Griffin fabric.

It is covered with bold, kitchen vegetables.

I thought of it first and it only took a second not to give it a second thought.


My old smock apron is a large.

Who knows what that means?

 Nevertheless, it took:

 One and two thirds yards of 45 inch fabric turned opposite of the fold.

Two packages of double-fold bias tape/seam binding.

Optional pockets.  Mine is about 15″ by 24″ and is lined.

I used a piece of the new fabric to line the pocket

and I sewed the pocket on last.

 I sewed a seam right down the middle of the piece of fabric so that

I actually now have two pockets. 

Now, there’s a little sunshine on second thought.




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