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journal entry:

How did I keep track of things before I had a blog?  Every post is like writing a personal history. My history. My family’s history. Isn’t it wonderful?

Bears for Christmas. Three little children and three different bears. Each complete with a personality and a wardrobe to match. Not only does each bear have a name {which I chose} and a small trunk full of clothes {which I lovingly prowled the world to find} but each bear has trinkets and keepsakes and little pets and toys and a Tiny Tale  { made by me } which accompanies each bear and tells about her. (or him. . . sorry Skipper)

I started with one bear but couldn’t stop. First came Priscilla followed by Alice and then Little Skipper. Later I added a fourth bear named Rose for another little girl I love but Rose’s photographs will follow in a subsequent post. Here are some photographs of the first of  three very special bears in many of  her cutest outfits !


Priscilla the Princess

(also known in my tiny tale as The Old Bear)

{Going to Clara’s house for Christmas.}



Here are a few more clothes which are now neatly packed away in a sturdy traveling trunk.

Priscilla’s trunk. Waiting for Christmas morning .




When all was said and done,

Priscilla was ready to become a very special Christmas gift for a very special little girl.

A keepsake. I hope.

{my fingers are crossed}


Merry, Merry Christmas little Clara.  I love you. FOREVER !

– Grandma –


p.s.  Priscilla came from a second-hand store.

(I found her on the bottom shelf.)

Her clothes came from Kid-to-Kid and Deseret Industries.

(They are mostly size 3-6 months.)

Her wonderful trunk came from Hobby Lobby.

(With a 50% – off coupon.)

Priscilla’s accessories came from around the house.

(hair things, jewelry, ribbons)

Little pets came from Deseret Industries for 50 cents each.

(Yes. It is true. I have every animal imaginable in my toy room)

They had a bath in the washer and a fluff in the dryer.

Like Priscilla . . . they were grateful.


(this blog contains posts for Priscilla,  Alice, Rose and Skipper.

they are all bears. the photographs are mine.

if you use them please note where you found them. thanks so much.)

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