Big Bad Boxes

“One thing about being young is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination.”

-Sam Levenson-

journal entry:

Our workhorse washer and dryer finally called in quits.  A new pair took the place of the old.  I asked the delivery people to leave the boxes.  They did.  When six of the little grandchildren were together this week-end, Grandpa brought the boxes out of the garage and onto the deck.  Since the tops were already cut off, he put the boxes on their sides so that the openings were together.  They made a long and spacious place to play.  The openings in the bottoms of the boxes made perfect places to crawl through.  Grandpa cut a small window in the side of each box and made a small door which opened out.  The girls had a different take on the cardboard house than the boys.  They got the markers and started drawing things . . . like flowers and pictures on the walls.  The boys ran for their rubber band guns.  Pretty soon they were looking for flashlights and a blanket.  At one point they all piled in.  That didn’t last long.  It sounded a little like there were cats in there.

Playing in and with boxes is timeless.  Children have always love them.  Haven’t we made jokes about kids and boxes forever?  In a world where technology dominates,  it is wonderful to see that sometimes all children need is a box.  Or, two.  Really.

“Children have neither past or future.  They enjoy the present, which very few of us do.”

-de la Bruyere-

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