Bike Bags for Kids

journal entry:

Their daddy asked me if it would be easy to make a couple of bags to attach to the front of their bikes.  I said YES. I rifled through the scraps and mixed and matched. I made up a pattern, sewed it together, added Velcro to hold the straps over the handle bars and sewed a little cow bell onto the outside.  I didn’t have a tutorial or a pattern but I had fun making them and found them to be very easy. I used a little elastic through the top so that it would squeeze things in a bit.

This is another “this and that” entry so that I will remember. Not a lot to say but a lot that I want to remember.

YES. I will take orders from grandchildren I know. These are for Andrew and Owen. I am almost finished with one for Afton. {Santa brought her a new bike with little training wheels}  If anyone else needs one, just give me a call ! You know where to find me.






“Life is like riding a bicycle.  In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving !”

-Albert Einstein-

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