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Thrifted bird cages. Quite difficult to find. Most are very ordinary cages but I continue to hope I will find an unusual cage along the way.

The cage on the left was already this color when I found it at Deseret Industries. It was $5 dollars. I used DecoArt Metallic Lustre in the color Copper Kettle to distress it. It was easy to create a casual patina look this way.





The cage above was “flat brown” when I found it.  I used three craft paint colors to distress it:  Zinc, Metallic Silver and just a touch of Metallic Ice Blue.  Below is a closer look.




The cage below is the most unusual of those I have found. It is about 36 inches tall and is quite heavy. It had been painted with a flat tan spray paint and required a little work to make it look aged and interesting. (Savers for $6.99) I used the color Zinc craft paint, some Metallic Lustre in the color Copper Kettle and an occasional smear of Metallic Silver.




Take a closer look at the first cage. I used a small sponge to add the Metallic Lustre to the cage. While it was just an ordinary cage, it did have some interesting elements which were accentuated by the copper color.




This and the rest of the cages on this post were under $10 at various thrift stores. I used a 40% coupon for JoAnn’s for the Metallic Lustre. It can be pricey at $7.99 but goes quite far.



“Thrift stores are treasure chests.”


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  1. Lydia Watrous

    These are wonderful bird cages! You always have the best ideas for something new and creative, and make it even better, like when you decorated all those globes. You are so talented!

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