Bloopers Are Photos, Too !

Let’s Take A Look At The Stuff

Everything is down low. There is a box for shoes, one for purses, one for scarves, one for wigs, one for props ( claws, swords, and Incredible Hulk Hands are props )

Dresses, shirts, jackets and other clothes hang on the edges of the patio table.

Jewelry sits on the top.

There are 8 backgrounds and five painted chairs. There are three blue stools.

Now we can get dressed.

I vote for the Mushroom Garden as the favorite. Everyone wanted a photograph inside of it. The children were very artistic when it came to their outfits. This beaded purse, thrifted for $1, went home with its model.

Transformation was quick and easy, from a beautiful girl in a Mushroom Garden to a pirate wielding a terrible sword in the harbor of a looming ship.

Let’s not pretend that all went well.

There should be some truth in advertising.



This one speaks for itself.

So does this one.

Whoops. Here’s another one.

Tell us how you really feel . 

Here is the first of many shots that start with the models standing and end up with them on the ground. I gave up trying to keep them in the middle of the background or keep them alive.

Boys will be boys, they say.

Is this the same sweet girl in the high-heeled shoes and the little apron who was seen in the Mushroom Garden with a pretty smile on her face  and a basket of vegetables on her arm?

Could this be a lost play from Shakespeare ?

Did she eat a piece of a mushroom ?

” The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.”

-William James-

Family Gathering 2018




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