Bookplates for Christmas


Because I love books, I love bookplates.

I have collected them over the years but have never made my own.

This Christmas I did.

Long before Pinterest, I kept image files on my computer of things I wanted to save and remember. I have been particularly drawn to illustrations of the vintage or retro types. Since I am a Grandma, most of my friends and neighbors are also Grandma’s and so I thought of their toys . . . or playrooms if they have them.

{ I seldom know who the artist is. If I do, I say so. Nothing I make is commercial. My efforts are always for the benefit of my family and friends. }



I purchased inkjet adhesive photo paper through because it was SO much cheaper than anything I could find locally. I made the plates and printed them 8 to a page. Then I trimmed them leaving as much white as looked good to me. I bought 50 envelopes with a coupon at Hobby Lobby for $3.50. I put one bookplate on the envelope and the rest inside. I used a little piece of washi tape to seal the back of the envelope.

For some I made cookbook bookplates. (Try to say that fast) For others I made regular bookplates. For some grandmothers I made playroom bookplates. I even made some relatively masculine bookplates for the men and boys on my list.

Very personal happy little gifts !

– Grandma-

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