Chalk Board for the Kitchen


Chalk Boards and Magnet Boards.

They are everywhere.

I found this “distressed” chalk board at TJ Maxx.

There was only one and it had a clearance sticker.

I bought it and brought it home and leaned it against the wall and held it against the wall

and turned it this way and that way and carried it around.

Then I decided.

Grandpa hung it for me and expressed his gratitude for the fact that it was very light weight.

I already had the “distressed” hooks which he put above the chalk board.



I used my Silhouette Cutting Machine to add MENU, THINGS TO DO and a swirly. When I went looking for chalk markers I was shocked to find out how expensive they can be. Using a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby I bought a package of four. Red, White, Blue and Yellow. I still swallowed hard when I paid for them.

“Just another stop on the road to making a house into a home and keeping it that way !”




An afterthought . . .

  We just finished our yearly Family Get-Together.

At the end of each day, when I downloaded my photographs,

I printed one or two and taped them to the chalk board for all to see.

It was a fun way to remember what we did each day.

The grandchildren especially loved finding themselves in the photographs. 



“WOW ! We had a busy day. Just look !”

-Overheard by more than one child-



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