Chocolate Pretzels for the Neighbors

“You better watch out . . . !”

journal entry:

Thought that I would give the chocolate-covered pretzels a try.  I know.  Everyone makes them.  But I haven’t.  There are many kinds of chocolate.  I bought the little wafers in white, chocolate and candy cane.  They were so simple in the microwave.  Then I sprinkled them with cake decorations.  I guess it depends on how many you have to make whether or not you cover more of the pretzel.  I had to make tons !  So I just dipped and swirled and sprinkled.   I cooled them on wax paper.  There’s something so yummy about a combination of sweet and salty.

I don’t know what I did before cellophane bags.  I slipped an assortment of colors and flavors into each bag and tied them with red.  Then I attached these cute, little Christmas cards as tags.  Easy, festive and yummy.  Ready to deliver !

“You better not cry . . . !”

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