Clara’s Little Book

Clara’s little book came from my little heart. It contains some of my favorite photographs of Clara which I have taken over the years. Some of the photographs are presented with an overlay and all have a little prose-poem of my own making which was great fun.


I do love overlay. It is so mysterious and magical. I love the hunt for just-right images. When you turn from the focus on Clara’s pretty face, you have many whimsical things to consider. Overlay gives a person a chance to introduce symbolism into a moment.


Little books help me to express the sweet feelings I have for a child. It is much more fun to sit around with my imagination moving from pink to gold and my words from silly to serious than to do nothing at all. Doing something always feels better, for who knows when little things might become big things ?



This magic moment is a good example of the kind of photographs I love to take. Nothing is staged and no one is asked to smile. It is the kind of photograph where a person can hover in the shadow of the doorway, faraway, and capture tenderness.


Clara’s little book contains 20 pictures.

It did my heart good to make it.





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  1. Clara Watrous

    Oh Grandma, I loved this book so much! My favorite photograph was the one of me looking forward and you put an overlay on it of a woman in a long dress and the poem was about daydreams. Thank you so much for taking the time to make that!

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