Collecting Things: Cookie Cutters

“Broken cookies don’t have calories.”


journal entry:

Collections.  Most of us didn’t start out thinking we were collecting.  I have several things that I have always been drawn to throughout my life.   Like cookie cutters.  Over the years, one here and one there . . . I have ended up with a “collection”.  Collections are usually things that are similar or have something in common.  Usually we collect things we love or love to look at.  Once we have “collected” things, we have to decide what to do with them.  This collection is easy to store and display. Early in the life of this collection, the cookie cutters lived in a very tall glass jar. The collection outgrew it.  These are Wal-Mart jars.  They sit inside of my kitchen hutch and can be seen through the glass windows in the doors.

I love to see what other people collect.  What they are drawn to.  I would love an hour with Dr. Laura to find out what my collections say about me.  Say about others.  Some collections are useful and are used.  Some are visual and are admired.  Some are nostalgic and are tucked away.  Some are old and are guarded.  Some are just plain fun and are handled and laughed about.   Some collections are expensive and contain few treasures . . . such as art.  Some cost almost nothing and thus are generously large.

Most people think that their collections are wonderful.  That is what I think about mine.  I’ll bet you could talk about your collections. Do you wonder why you collect what you do?  Why you are drawn to certain things?  I would love to know. There is a pathology to it all.  A very pleasant pathology.

“I remember coming home from school every day to chocolate chip cookies.”

-one of grandma’s childen who is now a father of three-

{ I’m glad my children think it was everyday . . . but it wasn’t !}

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