Displaying Photographs

“It is not likely that posterity will fall in love with us,

but not impossible that it may respect or sympathize;

so, a man would rather leave behind him

the portrait of his spirit rather than a portrait of his face.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

journal entry:

I usually don’t argue much with Mr. R.L. Stevenson but in this case I think that I would like both.  The spirit and the face. It is an often quoted phrase that one must do certain things to “make a house a home”.  Is there another place on earth where our personalities, preferences and treasures are on display?  I love earth tones.  Green, Brown, Tan.  I love lamps and ambient light.  I love collections and photographs.  Photographs.  This display is about grandchildren.  All eleven of them.  From time to time I change the pictures when I take a new one and I move things around to make them more interesting.  There are zillions of ways to display the faces of the people we love.  This is just one.  My shelves are metal, not wood.  They are lightweight.  Some are long and some are short.  All of the photography is my own.  That means something to me.  When the grandchildren come to visit, they stand in front of this display and point to their cousins.  Even the little ones like to try to get all of the names right.  It is easy to take for granted our easy access to photographs.  Unlike our ancestors who might have had one or two portraits taken in their lifetimes if that, we can literally watch children and grandchildren grow before our photographic eyes. There is little excuse for getting down the road only to find that we are missing the face of someone we love.

“Posterity gives every man his true value.”

-Author Unknown-

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