Dollie Faces Matching Game


I have come to know about Disney Animator Dolls. In case you don’t, they are dolls made for Disney princesses and movie characters. People buy them or thrift them as I have, repaint the eyes, re-do the hair and make specialized personalities for each doll via handmade clothing and accessories. By now, you who are my family members know that if I can’t do one thing . . . I will do something else. I can’t make tiny clothes or paint faces on dolls.

This is a Dollie Faces Matching Game using the faces of many wonderful Disney Animator Dolls. These images are found everywhere on the Internet and are quite amazing. I have been so taken with the personalities of these “do-over” dolls that I have collected my favorites for this game.

Each little bag contains 2-each of 15 dollie faces. The object of the game is to shuffle the cards, turn them over and then take a turn trying to find a match. First you turn over one card and then another. If you don’t get a match, you turn both cards back over and the next person tries. The lucky girl who makes a match, puts the cards in her own personal pile until the person with the most matches wins. Yay !



Of course the game is in a drawstring bag. That is my favorite place to put things. You can see that the faces are wonderful, the personalities are charismatic and the challenge is likely best for ages 5-10. Some mothers might actually enjoy the game, too.





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