Dolly Blankets for the Playroom


It wasn’t long ago that we couldn’t find enough things to wrap dollies in. Maya wondered why. I realized that I had made many dolly quilts but had given all of them away. I promised I would make some for the playroom. She counted the little baby dolls but I said that maybe they would have to share. She wasn’t sure about that because she liked having her own blanket and didn’t like to share.

Well. We’ll just have to see.

5/8 of a yard makes two squares. If you buy two different pieces of fabric, each 5/8 of a yard, you can make two blankets like this one.  I quilted simply with the sewing machine and bound the little blanket by hand with a blind stitch. I find I can make bias bindings for little quilts out of many of the scraps I already have. I used a very thin batting so that the blanket would be easy to wrap a little baby doll in.

I made a little pillow and stuffed it very full. It fits inside of a little pillowcase which every dolly needs for his or her little head.



Here is a closer look.

Nice cottons iron so easily. I love to iron little things

much more than I like to iron big things.



Here is another blanket. It is only 20 inches square. I didn’t want the very little dolls to get lost in their blankets. She, too, has a pillow and and pillowcase.

Oh, how I love the little people in my life.



See you in the Playroom.


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