All Summer Planters

” A morning-glory at my window

satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.”

-Walt Whitman-

journal entry:

Just when I have given up all hope that summer will come again . . . it does.  With it comes the temptation to buy too many flowers.  Flowers to plant.  Flowers to put in pots.  Flowers to mix in with other flowers.  Flowers to cut.  Some years ago I bought these deck planters.  I love to fill them with things that flow over and trail down.  Asparagus ferns, ivy, trailing verbena, scented geraniums and morning-glory.  They flourish all summer long, love the heat and sun and can be enjoyed from the deck above and the yard below.  I love flowers.  I love them in flower beds.  I love them in pots.  I love them in cutting gardens.  I love to bring them into the house, starting with spring lilacs and ending with autumn flowers.  I love the smells and the colors.  God made a very beautiful world and seasonal flowers provide the crowning touch !

If dandelions were hard to grow-

they would be most welcome in any yard.”

-Andrew Mason-

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