Easy Full Aprons


After years of using smudgy newspaper to make patterns for sewing, I am now blessed with a large roll of brown paper. I use the paper for many other things, like wrapping packages which I tie with twine and tearing off pieces of any length for budding artists to use with crayons or markers.


Coming up is our Annual Family Gathering. I have made many aprons this summer so that my daughters, daughters-in-law and granddaughters can each choose one to take home. My earlier batch was all half aprons. Some are on this blog inĀ Apronology. The batch shown here contains full aprons, which were very easy to make.

Each adult-size apron takes one yard of fabric. There is enough fabric in a yard to make the aprons even wider than I have. Nice cotton is best so that when the apron is washed, it doesn’t need to be ironed. Some are 34 inches from top to bottom after hemming and the smaller aprons are of different lengths.


I made casings for the neck strap which is also the tie. Adult aprons take a tie/neck string that is about 2 1/2 yards. That is the length of one package of commercial bias tape.

I made the casings in two different ways. Some are made by making a casing out of the same fabric as the apron. Some are made by using extra large double fold bias tape. Some have bias tape for the string (tie and neck strap which is one, long string), some use ribbon and some use a string made out of the same fabric as the apron. A few use wide cord which is super easy.

I didn’t get fancy with the full aprons. There are no pockets but when you put a full apron over your head, you can gather the sides up a little bit before you tie the string in the back.

This style makes everyone look very sweet and feminine.

(except for the men who borrow the aprons)


“God gives no linen, but flax to spin.”

-German Proverb-





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