Easy Square Christmas Tree Skirt

“There has been only one Christmas . . . the rest are anniversaries.”

W. C. Cameron

journal entry:

Just a quick thought about Christmas Tree Skirts.  When I am shopping, I always look at them.  Some I like and some I don’t.  I was tired of the skirt I had been using for some time so I made a new skirt.  I bought the fabric at the Home Fabric Store which carries only the end-bolts of home decorating fabrics.  I simply made two 36×36 squares.  One with the putty-colored bird pattern and one with the red dots pattern.  I made an 6×6 square in the middle of the fabric pieces and a slit from the outside  to the center.  I turned the large squares right sides together, tucked some gray polka-dot ribbon inside of the right seam before I sewed and sewed all edges except the center.  From there I turned the skirt inside out and pressed it.  The little ribbons poked out of the sides exactly where they were supposed to be. The buttons were upholstery mark-downs at JoAnn’s.  I sewed them on by hand.  Then, I cut a long strip of the putty print fabric on the bias.  That is how I finished the square opening in the middle of the tree skirt which is a 6×6 square.

Right in the corner I sewed two little silver tags.  Truly blessed.  That is what we are.  The whole thing cost under $10.00.  Merry, Merry Christmas !

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”

-Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol-

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