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I am not quite sure why women like pillows on their sofas and in their chairs. I am one of those women and that means that every time someone wants to sit down, they look for a place to put the pillows. I often move them myself to make room for people. Nevertheless, I like the accent they provide, especially when they were thrifted for $2 each.  I am drawn to texture and to this dark red and so these pillows appealed to me.

I bought the top pillow first and then ran across the second. I crossed my fingers that the reds were enough alike to be happy together.



( I wash everything that I bring home. Things that would normally need to be dry-cleaned I put in the dryer with several dryer sheets and a squirt of Febreeze. )


sofa plant stand thrift


Not only do the pillows breathe new life into the little parlor, so does the old plant-stand which Grandpa so kindly refinished. It has very intricate legs and took some patience to repair.  The table was $5.99 at Savers which made the price just right for such a wonderful, old table.  Two people stopped me before I could get to the check stand to say that if I changed my mind, they would like the table.

I worked around my sofa, which is fifteen years old and the botanical prints on the wall which I have had for thirty years. The color of the pillows is the same red as the flowers in the botanical prints. The pillows provide a nice “pop” of color.



These cushions and the beautiful black and gray afghan were thrifted. The pillows were $2 each ( I bought four – all in blacks and grays ) and the afghan was $4. Someone took a great deal of time and care making the afghan. It is perfect. Like most things I have thrifted, I wonder why people give away the things they do.

The wicker set consists of a love seat, a chair and an ottoman. They are thirty years old. Grandpa painted them for me with a wonderful chocolate paint that was also called “hammered”. It gave the wicker a beautiful color and texture. I re-covered the cushions, which were made for this particular set.





The love seat is a useful piece of furniture in our bedroom. Over the years, it has been in many places in many homes where we have lived. I continue to love the graceful swans which are carved in the front of each leg.  Since the furniture has never been outside, it is in very nice condition and really liked the paint it received !



” Life would make so much more sense if we could live it backwards.”









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