Fleecy Weecy Hats


I know that fleece hats are everywhere and very popular.

There is nothing special or unusual about mine

I made some because I wanted to know how to do it.

┬áCan’t believe I haven’t made them before !



I am terrible at following other people’s patterns and directions. I have found that if I make my own, I can explain things better and repeat the project the next time without forgetting so much. The selection of fleece that is available is incredible. In fact, there are almost too many choices. Most of the hats I wanted to make were for kids so 1/4 yard was all I needed.



Every hat is different. I loved making the pom poms for the tops. I have a stash of partly- used skeins of yarn which made it really fun and inexpensive to make these hats.



I made many hats and thought that one of the boys might like the giraffe. No one liked the giraffe. Maybe that is because I made it to fit a giant.

[ It is a little bit of a trick to make hats just right for all of the odd-sized heads that walk around.]

Nevertheless, I liked the giraffe.

Some of the hats have found homes.

I let the grandchildren choose. (15 and counting)

The rest are going to The Road Home. It is a family shelter.

I have time to make a few more.

Maybe there will be a baby there who will like

a tiny giraffe hat with a POM POM !

Merry Christmas !




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