Gathered Together 2020

journal entry:

Years and years have passed and children have grown and grown. Some have left their homes to start their own lives.

We have stuffed families large and small into our medium sized home on beds and cots and floors and played for hours on end in our very large yard full of now-towering trees of every kind and have loved every sound and every dirty knee covered with super heroes and trolls

This year is the last time we will meet for an extended period of time at our home. Next year we will find a bigger place with lots of “older-kid” things to do. So, rather than try to stuff all of our photographs and memories from this week in 2020 into one post, I will take each little thing I want to remember by itself and say everything I want to say about it.

Each post will start with the words “Gathered Together”, followed by the specific activity. That should help everyone find his or her favorite things.


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