Gathered Together: Lazy Tag 2020

No. I didn’t make a mistake in naming this post.

All we could say to each other as adults,

as we rolled our eyes,


We took a chance buying the guns and it paid off.

Laser Tag guns without all of the extra pieces such as vests and head bands. These guns have lots of noises to tell you when you have made a hit and to tell the other person that you got them. Things are color-coded on the guns and although the kids played with them off-and-on for many days, the batteries never had to be changed in any of the guns. 

After running through the trees near the river and stopping to rest in hammocks or at the food table, these two warriors became lazy.


Just to be fair, most of the time the tag was robust and the kids ran around the forest and hid among the trees. 

These guns proved to be much easier for all ages to use than those we rented last year. They did not require any adult help. The players could pick them up and put them down without adult supervision. 

Neither did anyone seem to care about the true score. They liked the limited accounting system, the noises and the lights.

Tucker (above) is five. He kept track of his success on his gun.

(Hey, George. Someone is behind the tree.)

Oh. By the way. The guns come in sets of four and each is a different color. that means that since we had to buy sixteen guns, the colors easily determine the teams making it easy for the kids to see at a glance who is on their team.

Now I will tell you about inflatables.

Let’s move to our backyard.

The inflatables above came three to a package. They are really neat looking and are designed to give kids things to hide behind. They are big enough for most children to crouch behind and they can be moved around or stacked up. 

They are very tough and stood up to throwing, rolling, jumping-on and kicking.

(Grandpa uses his Shop-Vac to easily and quickly inflate things like this. That is the way he inflates the tubes and boats for the lake.)

As you can see from the picture above,

even adults can think of clever ways to hide behind them. 

How about a barricade.

It appears for the moment to have kept the girls out. But, Tucker, with his five-year-old sense of fairness doesn’t think the girls should be kept out.

He likes the girls, especially his cousin Afton.

We also added two very large camo nets. You know the kind.

The kind that duck hunters throw over entire boats. Grandpa hung them in two different places in the backyard trees to hide behind. They were so great that I walked right into one without knowing it was there.

They were really cool and many a player lived to play another day because of his or her quiet crouch behind the nets.

Lazy or Laser. It didn’t matter. It was all good.

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