George’s Apples

journal entry:

I wonder what little children think when suddenly food is outside . . . is on the ground and under the ground.  When apples literally fall from the trees?  Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year for children.  They can eat things they pick themselves.  They can pick little tomatoes and pop them in their mouths.  They can pull up carrots.  They can reach for apples and pears.  They can even eat peaches.  Grandpa knows how to take the skin off and break the peach in half.  Outside.  Right outside.  Children can pull up onions and load them into Grandpa’s wheelbarrow.

George couldn’t believe his good fortune.  Two perfect apples right on the ground.  George wanted everyone to see his apples.  It was a magical thing. One person after another said WOW to George.  Wash them in the hose, George.  Then take a big bite !  The bigger kids told George to just rub them on his clothes.  His mommy thought that water was a good idea.

Some kids wondered if George had looked for worms.  George looked to the ground.  He had never seen a worm in an apple before.  He wasn’t sure where to look.  Grandma thought of the Primary Song about apples.  About autumn days, bright and gay.  Loading the trees ’till they bend over and their branches brush the clover.  Apples red and apples yellow, round and juicy, sweet and mellow.

“George, you really are the apple of my eye.”


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