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It’s time to talk about my year simply because I am proud of many things and grateful for many more. Since I know that some of you, my wonderful grandchildren, wander around in my blog, I wanted you to know some of my recent thoughts:


It has been almost one year since I got the dreaded diagnosis. Little did I know what a blessing it would be for me. I was forced to make some serious changes in my diet and to take medication that has proven to be wonderful for me. Because of my many years with Fibromyalgia, I was less and less able to exercise and had the energy of a little fly. That has all changed. Although the Fibromyalgia still sneaks up on me now and then, it does not have the fury of the past and the medication I take for it seems to be enough.

I have lost over 25 pounds and have 10 more to go. If I can lose this additional weight, I will weigh what I did 15 years ago before I became ill. It will probably take another year to lose it.

I am now officially in my 70th year of life.

I have grown out my hair many inches below my shoulders and love having finally done so after so many years of trying and giving up. It is really fun to wear it up or wear it down.


I took this photograph to remind each and every one of you who I am in case you don’t know when you come to visit. (just kidding)

I am so grateful for all of you and love you with all of my heart. Since this is my blog, I can put self-serving posts on it now and then which I will try not to do too often.



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