Grandma’s House

Grandmas work very hard to make their homes welcoming.
They want their grandchildren to feel at ease, forget about the time and come back again and again.  

Today was that kind of day. 

First there were the carrots.
Not big yet but sweet to eat.
Mostly they are for the horses
who are just beyond the gate and touchable over the fence.

This is the right hose. It is clean water.
The other hoses carry irrigation water.
The garden was originally covered with horse manure and tilled.
That is why it is important to wash the vegetables before you eat them.
But, you are right.
You don’t have to wash the peas
because they are wearing little jackets with zippers.

Dakota loves Olive’s hair.
He sniffs it and nuzzles her with his soft nose.

This horse is the resident clown.
He is also the Alpha horse and so
the other horses keep their distance when he is at the fence.
He loves to lick Olive’s shirt . . . and her arms.
She is an “animal person” of the first degree.
She loves him and trusts him. He often pulls funny faces.

Holden is an animal person, too.
He stands to the side of Dakota’s head so that he can be seen.
He keeps his hand flat and
the big horse takes the carrot with his lips from flat palms.
Horses can take food without using their teeth.

That is the best way to feed a horse.

That’s not all you can do at Grandma’s house.
You can play in the sandbox or play tether ball.
You can climb the pole and slide down again.
You need bare feet and sweaty hands to climb a pole.

Summer goes on forever.
It is still not very hot.
The breezes are wonderful.
The garden is growing and the flowers are blooming.

Make yourselves at HOME.


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