Happy Halloween to the Neighbors



journal entry:

Most holidays contain too much sugar.  Not the holidays but the holiday food.  I try to be a little early in taking things around.  Just to be kind to stomachs and to parents who are frantic to avoid another sugar buzz.  Generally the frosting is where most of the sugar is hiding. That is why kids eat it first and before they have even eaten the cupcake they look around for another cupcake with more frosting.  So, instead of LOTS of frosting, I put a little.

Living at a high altitude as I do is wonderful.  Rather than 24 cupcakes from one cake mix, I get 36.  Each cup is barely filled half-way.  In this case, I made 30 regular sized cupcakes and 24 teeny tiny cupcakes.  All from one chocolate cake mix.  A store near my home was having a Grand Opening.  All of their baking supplies were 50% off.  I bought the orange and black cupcake boxes with the clear lids.  There were 10 in a package for $3.00.  Yup.  30 cents a box.   Each box easily holds six cupcakes with plenty of room for “tall” frosting.  I put the teeny tiny cupcakes on plates.  From Target.   With spiders and webs.  I slid the plates into large cellophane bags which came from the Xpedex Paper Store.  I bought a package of them years ago.  I use them for everything.   I like them because they puff up easily and don’t collapse on the food.

Next I tied everything with bows and made tags.  I love to have these tags on hand.  They came in a package of 50 from the office supply store.  I used an EK Success pumpkin face punch and tied the tags into the ribbon.  I wish I liked to make sugar cookies.  They always look so fun.  I have actually given up on them but I love to eat them when other people make them.

Time to deliver the goodies.  Happy Halloween !

“They that are born on Halloween will see more than others do.”

-Nathaniel Hawthorne-

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