Harvest Time

“Come ye thankful people come. Sing the song of harvest home.

All is safely gathered in.  Ere the winter storms begin.”

-Thanksgiving Hymn-

journal entry:

In October everything is beautiful.  It is cool but not cold.  It rains but doesn’t snow . . . much.  The garden is overgrown.  Leaves are dying.  It is harvest time.  This year the onions were huge.  The size of softballs.  Purple and yellow.  A white onion or two.  Grandpa waited for some help.  Little arms pushed the pitchfork.  Some pulled up the onions by the stems.  The children figured out a process.  They set up a bucket.  Filled it with water.  Dunked the onions in to wash them clean.  One held up the onion while the other snipped the green tops off.  They stacked them in a laundry basket.  Great way to store in the cold garage.  The tomatoes should have been the size of the onions.  They weren’t this year.  I will use these onions all winter.  Makes me very grateful.

I love munchkins.  They are so cute.  So little.  This year I didn’t have any.  I had lots of big pumpkins.  So, my daughter and I traded.  These are from her garden.  Sitting on my family room table.  I love autumn time.  I love the harvest.

“Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye.”

-Austin O’Malley-

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