How to Be a Mom or Dad


Five little books for five wonderful people.

After our 50th anniversary dinner, I gave each of our five children a little book. Each contains at least 50 photographs of each one of them as parents, interacting with their children. And, since our 16 grandchildren range in age from 2-25, there are quite a few.

As Grandpa reminds me, these photographs remind them that I was there also when they were raising their little children and that I never missed a chance to record their special lives and their parenting efforts.

The books were very easy to make. I printed the photos at Costco and laminated each one. I hoped that when our children took them home, their children would want to look through them more than once and find the many photographs that were about them. Lamination is a great protector for little finger prints.

I doubt that a child can look through their father or mother’s book without being reminded how much they are LOVED and how many things their parents have done and are still doing for them.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of photographs I chose to include in the books:


Teaching children about the world and how to read.


Teaching children where things come from and about Heavenly Father.

Comforting children when they are hurt.

Teaching children how to be helpful and how to work.

Teaching children the Gospel by example and welcoming the Spirit.

Teaching children that there is always time to play and be silly.

Teaching children to be affectionate and feel safe.

These are but a few examples of the photographs I have taken over many years, specifically focused on parents and the love they have for their children.


p.s.    By the way, the same need to document relationships for our personal histories continues throughout our lives, no matter the age of the person.

Matthew and Melissa with their Dad.


” Leave a trail.”






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