I Can’t Hear You !

i can't hear you covers journal entry:

It is simply amazing how many children cannot hear single word that is spoken to them. Sometimes they cannot even hear a yell or a loud voice. They are very good at saying “what?” with a serious look or “I didn’t hear you” or “were you talking to me?”

 It is at times like these that grown-ups practice their counting skills.

You know. One, two, and “I’d better not get to three !”

Little Afton was having one of those “I Can’t Hear You” days not too long ago. I decided to make some little books for each family with young children which would talk about what happens when someone doesn’t listen. I titled the books “I Can’t Hear You . . . Tales of Children Who Wouldn’t Listen.”

I searched the Internet for photographs of children doing unusual things and saved them to a folder in Picasa. I added text to each one like this:

i can't hear you4



The format was to say what the mother said to warn the child what might happen if he or she didn’t listen. Then to tell the reader that the children DIDN’T listen and ask them what they thought happened next?  It seemed to me that my little grandchildren who read the books I made, identified with each and every situation and had ready answers for the question “what do you think happened next?” In fact, sometimes their answers sounded more like the old Dr. Seuss book  titled “To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street”.  If you remember the story, it was all about exaggeration.  A simple wooden cart became a Big Brass Band and beyond.

i can't hear you2

{ I am not using the photographs in a commercial way.

They are simply my efforts on behalf of my grandchildren. }

i can't hear you3

  • I sent the 5×7 photo order to Costco via the Internet.
  • I mounted a photo on each side of a 5×7 piece of chipboard with spray adhesive.
  • I punched the holes with a Cinch book-binding machine and threaded the red, spiral, binding through the holes.
  • I rounded the corners with a Corner Chomper.
  • I added a see-through report cover piece to the front and back as seen in the first example.

i can't hear you1

I made five books with forty pictures/ tales per book.

Each book is completely different.


“What we see depends mainly on what we look for !”




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