I Forgot About That

I have finished a project. A big project.

I have assembled binders by year containing my favorite photographs I took during our

Annual Family Gatherings since 2004.

This summer I will spread them out on my big family room table

and hope that curious eyes will take the time to look through them.

Too many times, I have asked grandchildren about something we did in the past

only to have them sayI don’t remember that“.

I thought children remembered everything.

I get teased for how tightly I hang on to my comfort with “hard copy” but it is true

and I am determined that my photographs will also have a home outside of my computer

because not everyone can sit at my desk and browse through them.

I hope my children and grandchildren will sit down together with the books spread out on their laps

while they point to, laugh at and remember how much effort has been made

by the adults in their lives to make them happy and to make it possible

for them to spend time with their extended family.

Two binders are dedicated to the infamous Photo Booth.


That is the activity where Grandpa made a frame from PVC pipe

and I bought unusual shower curtains as backgrounds

from which the kids could easily change the backgrounds

depending on their costumes.

I thrifted and thrifted funky clothes and accessories

and for several years took wonderful pictures of grandchildren

dressing up in creative ways.

Their personalities and creativity was fully on display.

(I am ready for this year.)

Should you decide to tackle such a project for yourself,

here are the details:


10-year-old HP 7510 Photosmart hung in there with me.

I printed everything myself and only re-started once. 

Binders from Amazon. White binders are the least expensive.

Yellow and Red are the most expensive.

I used mostly white binders

Refurbished ink from Amazon.

Double-sided glossy brochure paper from Amazon in the Infit brand. 

Printed each picture as a 5 by 7 on 8 1/2 by 11 paper

with a caption underneath with the name and date.

Used a trusty three-hole punch for the paper.

Found Internet images for the covers which I personalized before printing.


(Melissa, Sandy and Heather )

For the people I love from


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