I Love Utah

January is here.  I didn’t make resolutions.  I made lists.  I love Utah.  That is because I love seasons and Utah has them.  From red rock cliffs to snowy mountains to the grandeur of the Great Salt Lake at sunset . . . Utah is a wonderful place to live.  January is a month for getting going.  Resolving.  Accomplishing.  Whatever I want to accomplish in the house will need to be done in the next three months.  Because spring comes.  When spring comes I want to be outside.  In summer I especially want to be outside.  For today, I am mesmerized by an early morning snowfall.  Not a real storm.  Just a beautiful, quiet snowstorm.

So, I spread the birdseed along the railing of the deck and watched from the window.  Before long there were doves and a surprise magpie.  Juncos and finches of every kind.  Yesterday a hawk interrupted the birdseed picnic by swooping in, under the deck, and flying away with a little finch in his talons.  Sad.  For the finch.

We have lived in other places.  Traveled here and there.  I love Utah for a million reasons. Mostly because it is HOME.

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