Is It Christmas Without Quilts for Dollys ?



journal entry:

How can it possibly be Christmas without quilts for the dollys ?

This may have been one of my most delightful Christmas projects ever.

Dolly Quilts.

For little, tiny people.

I mostly used scraps and in the case of the quilt above,

I cut up a pillowcase which already had a ruffle on it.

From it I made two dolly pillowcases and used the rest for parts of two, different quilts.




For this quilt, I placed blue painter’s tape diagonally on the quilt,

with it’s batting and back in place

and sewed on either side of each piece of tape

with my regular sewing machine using a regular stitch.




I made each pillow from a damask-patterned fabric

so that they would look like old-fashioned pillows.

I stuffed them with lots of Poly-fill.

Each pillow has a case to match the quilt.

Can you see the tiny, sweet birds on this quilt?

I tied this one with a chubby cotton thread and bound it by hand

using a blind stitch.

I added a handmade fabric sewing label which I stuffed with a little bit of stuffing.

(more about handmade sewing labels on this blog under Personal Touch Sewing Labels)




I used 5/8 yard for each little quilt. That means 5/8 for the top and the same for the bottom.

By folding the yardage to a square,

(whether it was pieced as on each top or one pattern as on each back)

I had enough leftover to add to the pillow case.

Look closely at the corners. Each has a tiny, satin rose sewed to it.

The quilt above is an example of easy, free sewing on a regular sewing machine.



I remember when my own grandmother, Clara, made dolly quilts.

They were always made from scraps and were tied.

She made them on her lap in her easy chair with her feet up on a hassock.

I am such a copy-cat !




“One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind.”

-Malayan Proverb-

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