"Fly Away With Me" Bird Mobile

“I realized that if I had to choose,

I would rather have birds than airplanes.”

-Charles Lindbergh-
journal entry:
The birds sit in the trees, talking to each other, while I fill the feeder and line the railing of the deck with birdseed.  I am barely in the house before they swoop to the railing, chattering all of the way and begin the all-day process of selecting seeds and casting away what they do not want. If  I could persuade the birds to come into the house, we could get a better look at them. As it is, we watch them with our eyes and sometimes with our little binoculars.  If Afton had her way, all the birds would come into the house and play.  After all, she motions with her little hands and says “comon . . . comon, birdie”.
So, I made a bird mobile for Afton’s room.  I covered bird shapes with paper in the colors of her room.  I cut out wings and tails, notched them and fit them onto the bodies of the birds to give them dimension.  I sprayed the birds with a sealer and added tiny black jewel eyes.  I punched a small hole in each back and threaded fishing line through.  The birds were suspended from a gold ring attached to an eye hook in the ceiling . . . seven in all.  I added a small bird nest . . . complete with blue eggs which I glued into the nest sprayed with glitter, just to catch the light.  Grandpa hung the birds in Afton’s room.  The air moved and the birds flew around.  These are quiet birds  They don’t chatter or try to chase each other away. If they decide to fly around during the night,  Afton will be able to keep dreaming.

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