Please Eat the Animals !

“Animals are my friends . . . and I don’t eat my friends !”

-George Bernard Shaw-

journal entry:

Well . . . you better eat these animals. They are tiny enough to fit in the palm of a little person’s hand.  I love to use cookie cutters. Did you know that you can use them for almost anything? All I need for a fun lunch or snack is a paper plate, a piece of bologna and a slice of cheese. No little person can ever resist punching out an alligator and biting off its head!  I have even seen grown-ups walk by and gobble up a turkey. My little grandson Holden often asks me to surprise him with a lunchable. I add a few bitsy mandarin oranges and a peeled and cubed apple to the plate and I am in business and everyone is happy!

“Childhood is a short season.”

-Helen Hayes-

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