Lacing Cards in a Bag


Lacing Cards are easy to make and VERY inexpensive. ¬†They are a mainstay of quiet children’s games and have been for several generations. While the cards themselves keep changing, they can actually be anything you want them to be. I wanted mine to be old-fashioned. I found the images I wanted to use and printed them out as 4×6 prints. I cut some lightweight chipboard in the same size and glued the image to the chipboard. I cut pieces of 4×6 card stock in a fun pattern and glued it to the back of each card. Then I used my heavy-duty hole puncher to punch around the image on each card.

I bought the laces at the dollar store, which seemed a little pricey to me but it proved to be half the price of Wal-Mart for shoelaces.( Really, it’s true.) I made the little drawstring bags out of scraps, threaded ribbon through and secured the ends of the ribbon with wooden spools. Just for fun.



¬†“We used to give our children lacing cards so that they could learn to tie their shoes.

Now shoes have Velcro. Hummmm.”



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