Little Red Riding Hood


 (Shhhhhhhh . . . don’t tell Clara. It’s a Christmas surprise.)

Some stories never grow old.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is one of them. I still shudder at the idea of a little girl trotting off through the forest alone. Maybe things were safer then . . . or NOT!

What about that wolf  behind the tree . . .?

Clara loves to write plays. She and her sister and brothers produce academy award-winning scripts which, when acted out, are filmed by their daddy and supported by their mommy whose piano skills are legendary.

 The plots always thicken and the plays always end with a triumph of right over wrong.

Clara’s Little Red Riding Hood Christmas books are not so much about reading as they are about exposure to the story of Little Red Riding Hood as told  in other countries. Clara is a reader of the classics and all of the Harry Potter books.  So. These are really idea books. Hopefully she can gain inspiration for her next  Broadway production by learning about Little Red as told in Africa, China and by the original author (s) The Brothers Grimm in the original form.



Do you remember the story?

Above is a sleeping bonnet and spectacles for Grandmother and a hat for the little actor who will become the wolf.



You will recall that Little Red Riding Hood had a beautiful red cape. Her mother made it for her. When she wore the red cape her mother and grandmother could see her “afar off”.  I made this long cape for Clara out of textured upholstery fabric. I found the brown yarn at the fabric store with furry tassels every few inches. Absolutely perfect for the ties on the cape.

The little basket was just fifty cents at the second-hand store (painted red with spray paint) and the pretty liner was a scrap of stretchy white lace fabric with extra lace added. The apples are “pretend” and came from Hobby Lobby. After all, Little Red was taking a treat to her Grandmother’s house in her little basket when she first met the “big, bad, wolf.”



The cape is in a box. So is Grandmother’s sleeping bonnet and spectacles and the big, bad wolf . . . oh, and the basket and the apples and three examples of the story of Little Red Riding Hood from around the world. The box is wrapped in shiny paper and is tucked away until Christmas morning.






One last thing. I made an itty bitty quilt which measures 12×12 inches.

Can’t think of a single use for it but it was a blast to make.

Merry Christmas, Clara.

With love from Grandma !




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