Little Tins

I love little tins. I love, love clip art. I sort-of-collect-it on my computer. That means that I spend a lot to time looking for it.

I put things I find together in files so that I can find the images again and again and make things out of them. All kinds of things. Usually for kids.

This little beach-goer is a download from Etsy. She is a magnet doll and so are her clothes and her towel and her beach toys but not her hair bows.  The little bows were in my old scrapbook stuff. I used a dab of super glue to attach them to little magnets. 

I live happily in the world of “little”.

She is very anxious to go for a ride in the car or be put on the fridge or to be resting on a little girl’s lap. I love magnetic things because it is harder to lose them than if they are just floating around.

You can put things on the inside of the tin or on the outside of the tin. 


These friends are also going to the beach. They are also magnet dolls. They have little beach houses to change in and surfboards and sweet things to eat.  They might do well all spread out on a metal cookie sheet. 

Ahh. Summer is here.


I like to put one of the magnet people on the lid. That makes it easy to find the set that you want to play with. That is because I like to make lots of sets of things.

Grandpa says that I am hopeless in that way.



Grandpa is often right. Note that I said “often”.




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