Pink Treasure Chest

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I have never known a little child who didn’t like to play with “little” things. Or a child who didn’t like to pull out drawers or hide things or re-organize things. Especially little girls. When I bought this little chest it was for nails and screws and it served its purpose in the garage. One day, Grandpa came up with his own way of keeping track of things like that and so I put it away. Until now.

I used the rest of my dark pink spray paint and stamped a flower on the top using paint instead of ink. Then I added a name. Then I looked through all of my drawers and containers and found lots of little, interesting things to put in the drawers. I can picture little fingers pulling the drawers in and out with a squeal of delight and moving the little things around.

There are buttons in the shape of animals and tiny clothespins and a rocking horse and butterflies and a drawer with bells. There is even a flamingo with his legs tucked in so that he will fit.

This little chest is for Afton. Well past putting little things in her mouth, she loves little, tiny, things just like her mother. I always had my eye out for miniature things when her mother was her age. Especially teeny, tiny, shoes. And panda bears.





“When a great adventure is offered, don’t refuse it.

-Amelia Earhart-

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  1. Heather

    I did have a love of all things little growing up and this little treasure chest is perfect for Afton! She loves to organize and I peek in the drawers every now and then too!

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