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Just for Me

Millie and Olive made a little visit. They brought their mommy along. Millie arranged the little red chairs for the dolls and animals but quickly realized that she was just the right size for sitting on one herself. 

The playroom is still very new to her.


Whatever these three were talking about was lost on me. Millie hasn’t been on this earth too awfully long so she might remember a few “stuffed animal” words from her heavenly home assuming that they have stuffed animals there. And, since none of us can remember, we can assume whatever we want to assume.

I found these never-been-worn Bink and Boo soft shoes at the thrift store. They were still in their little  box and Millie knew immediately that they were for her. Her mommy said that she likes shoes so we put them on her little feet and she left them on.


Little people like to fit things into other things. This jar holds small animals but it can also hold a foot with a shoe. It is breathtaking the number of nutty things little people try to do. I expected her to try to put both feet in the jar next, but one was enough to tell her that the animals were bumpy.

Millie is at the horrible climbing age. She tries to climb on everything. If you can see the blurry fast moving hand on the right, you will understand what her Mommy does all day. All day. Over and over.

Let’s not forget Oli. She is the queen of little things. She is the grandchild who never forgets where the Ziploc bags are. She is constantly adding to her “little thing” collection from my collections.

I am pleased. That is the fun of it all. 


Olive missed school yesterday. The previous night, she was stung by a wasp and it was awful. Her leg swelled up and she felt quite sick. Since her Daddy and brother are both very allergic to the sting of flying things, her Mommy took it seriously. The sting was big, hot and swollen. Even today, two days later, I could feel and see the hard bump on her little leg. Never underestimate the power of a triggered allergy. A sting like that one can make your eyes and throat swell, your skin itch all over and your body ache. Sometimes it can be hard to breathe.

After all of that drama she was happy to make a little visit and to troll for little things. She found twin baby alligators and a penguin and several things for her underwater creature collection which she is studying in school. Second grade to be exact.

A fruit roll-up for the drive home and a Ziploc bag full of little things. 

How wonderful and simple a day can be when you visit with your family.


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