Lizard Land for Kids

“Grandchildren are convinced

that crawly things won’t hurt you.

What if I don’t believe them?”


journal entry:

Well, these lizards might be okay.  This is an empty lettuce container.  Strawberry containers work too. I sprayed the bottom with adhesive and patted some “soft moss” onto the bottom until it stuck.  My lizards came from the dollar store . . . and well, were a dollar.   When the lizards get lost, I have frogs from the dollar store.  They can move into the lizard house.  When the frogs get lost, I have bugs.  Yes, from the dollar store.  I always say that things are from the dollar store and my grandchildren’s’ daddies say . . . “Oh, sure . . . that can’t be from the dollar store!”   Everything is from the dollar store, I tell them.  Everything.

Lizards actually do talk to children.  I have watched them.  It seems that lizard voices are not the right pitch to be heard by grandmas.  At least that is what my grandchildren tell me.  So, I ask them what the lizards are saying and they tell me. It usually has to do with snacks.  Dorothy was wrong about the scarecrow . . . could I be wrong about the lizards?


“Don’t be silly Toto . . .

scarecrows can’t talk !”

-Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz-

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