Magnetic Paper Dolls

Wee Winnie the Pig

I am on a roll.

I have always love paper dolls. I have vivid memories of playing with them as a child and making clothes for them out of scraps of paper using crayons. I remember that my prized dolls were kept in a large graham cracker box. It wasn’t the same as “walking to school in the snow without shoes” but is was pretty rudimentary.

Folders of paper dolls were only 10 cents at the store, but in my childhood we only got things like that on Christmas and on our birthdays. So, when my friends called to say that they had new paper dolls, I was envious and asked if I could come over and help them cut out the clothes.

If the new paper dolls belonged to someone who knew I was a “good cutter”, then the answer would be YES.  If  the new paper dolls belonged to someone who was really possessive about things, then she wouldn’t take a chance that I or someone else might cut off a tab or cut outside of the lines or wrinkle something.

That said, I have been having fun making magnetic paper dolls for my grandchildren.

Most of the images came from the Internet as free down-loadable files but several are PDF files for which I paid. (minimal amount) and downloaded from Etsy. Wee Winnie the PIG ( above ) is one of the doll files I bought from Etsy. Shown are only half of her clothes. She is WONDERFUL !

 Mr. Rabbit


Mr. Rabbit was also a PDF download from Etsy.  Look at his little clothes !  Who said that little boys don’t like paper dolls ? Could you resist dressing this little guy?



This PDF download was from Sarah Jane Studios.  She might look familiar. Wonderful clothing, colors and styles.


How about an old fashioned dog?  The Internet is full of ready- to- print old-fashioned paper dolls.


I have to admit that as I made these, I took the time to try on the clothes. Not on me, but on the dolls. The old-fashioned styles really catch my eye and always have !



I found the dolls above on the Internet under Paper Dolls for Boys. This is only one sheet of the available clothing. I also printed out a fireman  and a policeman uniform for them to wear.


This old-fashioned doll with her wonderful, complicated clothing was free on the Internet. I especially love the detail and the layering.


This is one of my favorite Etsy downloads. It comes with four little dolls and tons of clothes. Everything fits perfectly in a 4″ tin. I simply popped one of the dolls on the lid to identify what is inside.  Inside the lid of the tin I added my little “grandma” card with the back showing so the kids would remember where the little dolls came from.



What I Have Learned Making Magnetic Paper Dolls

  1. I use adhesive magnet sheets NOT computer-printable magnet sheets.
  2.  I buy the sheets in packages of a dozen through Oriental Trading Company online.
  3. The non-printable magnet sheets are a FRACTION of the cost of the printable magnet sheets.
  4. I print the dolls and clothes on glossy photo paper first.
  5. I quickly cut around the dolls and clothes, leaving lots of white.
  6. I fit the dolls and clothes onto the sticky side of the magnet sheet and rub until everything is firmly stuck.
  8. I use my little scissors to cut around each piece, leaving an even white border.
( And don’t forget the Dollar Tree cookie sheets )


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