Match the Dolls Head to Toe

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I have long sighed over the beautiful dolls made by the German doll maker Zwergnase. Each year she adds new faces and clothing and hair and I think about which dolls I would buy if I was a trillionare. But since I’m not and don’t expect that to change, I have to content myself with images of the wonderful dolls from the catalog and the website.  As I was prowling around my folder which contains images of handmade dolls and animals, the thought occured to me to make a matching game out of the images. Not a commercial venture but a grandmother making something fun for a couple of little girls she knows.

So.  I printed out the dolls I loved best on 4×6 photo paper and mounted them on various patterns of textured pink card stock. I made the little logo with the mermaid using Picasa and printed 8 to an 81/2×11 page of photo paper. The little mermaid fit perfectly at the top of the front of the card. The image of the doll is on the back. Then I cut the cards in half and laminated them. I left plenty of room between the pieces of the card so that the lamination would have plenty of room to seal around each piece.


I cut the laminated cards in half and put them into a simple, pink, tin which I found at the dollar store. Rather than play the game in the traditional way where all cards are spread out face down, my suggestion is that the little girls I know spread them out with all of the little dolls and their clothes face up. I think the matching will be sufficiently difficult to present a challenge.  Actually it is like a game of “head, shoulders, knees and toes” because two parts are on the top of the card and the match contains the knees and toes.



This matching game contains twenty-five matches. I am afraid that if I was a little girl, I would just stare and stare at the funky clothing and the life-like dolls and forget about the game. How about you?  Beautiful, beautiful dolls.  Incredible creativity in both the dolls and their clothes !  I actually saw a limited edition (7 only) on the website for almost $9,000.  Whew ! I will have to be happy looking at the photographs.  I have made two sets.  One for Afton and one for the girls in Idaho.



“Nothing that grieves us can be called little:

by the eternal laws of proportion,

a child’s loss of a doll and a king’s loss of a crown

are events of the same size.”

-Mark Twain-

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