More and More and More Photo Booth Fun

Hey kids !  What do you think ?



Tucker felt a little shy. Nevertheless, he had a dress-up in mind.

Amazing color sense, I would say.



Lydia is about to lose her hat after which she will lose her head,

her pretty sweater and everything in her little purse.

That would be a crying shame.



When things match, young ladies feel ready for anything  . . .

Even though a pirate ship is closing in,

she knows you can’t go wrong with cherries.



Andrew is covered with loot. His mates are coming ashore.

Do you think he should stash it away in an old, water-logged trunk?



Afton is blowing mushroom seeds. She wants to whole world to be one big garden.

How gentle and thoughtful. 


Sweet Afton

Quincy and Olive waiting in line for face paint. 




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