More Great-Grandmother’s Hats

All of my granddaughters love my mother’s hats.  They are so different, especially with the net pulled down.  There is something mysterious about hiding behind it.  Keeley and I talked about it.  Did she want to take some photographs in the hats?  YES.  She did.  She put on the string of pearls . . . my pearls . . . and brushed her hair.  Her soft smiles concealed her shiny braces under her lips.  She is twelve and a very pretty twelve at that.  We found a spot and started with the red hat.  Then the black hat and then the white hat with the feather.  The white hat with the feather is always the favorite.  I wish that I had hats from other years.  Flapper hats from the twenties.  Bonnets.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have bonnets?

“Since everything is in our heads, we better not lose them.”

-Coco Channel-

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