We have given away bushels of peaches. Even though the trees were trimmed in the spring, thinned when the peaches were little and green, the harvest was unexpectedly generous. The first thing I made with the peaches was a pie for Grandpa. Peach Pies are his favorite pies. I made several batches of frozen pie filling as well from a recipe which includes the addition of tapioca. Each batch lies flat on top of another on a freezer shelf. Frozen peaches in the middle of the winter are heavenly.



We have shared the apples, too. They are also abundant this year. The grandchildren who live near by, have picked them by the bagful and taken them to school to share with their classmates. They are sweet. They are beautiful with seldom a blemish.



We will have tomatoes until it freezes . . .

which will likely be sometime in late October or early November.

This year the tomatoes are especially big and yummy.


Our garden is overflowing. We are so grateful.
Grandpa gets the credit for being such a good steward.









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